Kramfors in Sweden is the ideal place for you to have access to both countrylife and city pulse. The municipality has a perfect location along the coast with plenty of forest-covered mountains and lakes. The High Coast, a world heritage area, attracts thousands of visitors each year from all over the world.

Kramfors really has a lot to offer. The main urban centre is the city of Kramfors, but there are also sixteen smaller communities within the municipality.

The nature in Kramfors is one of a kind. Deep forests with several nature reserves, walking paths, downhill ski slopes, fishing waters, the sea that tempts you to go swimming, sailing or canoeing. You can also challenge yourself and climb up the steep mountain Skuleberget. There is an 18-hole golf course right by the sea in Norrfällsviken. If you want to be active indoors there are swimming centres, ice rinks, sports halls and ten-pin bowling centres within the municipality.

World Champion in land uplift

When the inland ice covered Sweden, the ice was thickest around our region. When the layer of ice, which was 3 km thick, disappeared the land slowly started to rise again. The land has since then risen 285 metres above the present sea level. Even today the High Coast rises about eight millimeters every year. This fact has made the area “world champion” and the High Coast was appointed a world heritage by Unesco in 2000.

Lots of space and lovely houses to buy. In Kramfors an average villa costs 45 000 Euros. Give us a call and we vill help you to find a real estate that can guide you to your dream house or place to live.

Get here in no time

From Stockholm you are able to reach Kramfors/Sollefteås airport in 55 minutes. From Kramfors you can also get to the north of Sweden with a minor air company. Several bus companies drive on a daily basis to the north and south of Sweden. In 2012 fast trains started running the restored “Ådalsbanan” and “Botniabanan”. That makes Kramfors a central part of a much larger regional employment market.

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