Facts about food waste

The leftovers we throw away contain a large amount of nutrients, and these constitute an important resource in agriculture. When we collect food waste for separate treatment, the nutrients can be reused and returned to farmland to grow new crops. The energy contained in food waste can be converted into biogas to use as fuel.

Legal requirement to sort out food waste

From 2024, there is also a legal requirement to sort food waste for biological treatment, such as anaerobic digestion or composting.

Food waste from Kramfors is digested in the biogas plant in Äland, near Härnösand. Being able to treat food waste in our neighbouring municipality brings tremendous benefits, both economically and environmentally.

Reduce food that goes to waste to reduce costs

The greatest benefit to the environment, however, comes from reducing the amount of food that goes to waste in the home. A reduced amount of food going to waste also means reduced costs for both food purchases and less waste to handle for you as a customer. Read our useful tips on how to avoid food going to waste in the link in Related links.

A project with added value

In Kramfors, we have chosen a solution for the introduction of food waste collection that is sustainable from all sustainability perspectives: ecological, financial and social. For example, we have chosen to give our own employees temporary areas of responsibility in the project where they can develop and grow in new areas. We have also taken on people from the Swedish Public Employment Service who gain valuable work experience and a way into the labour market.

By taking care of the bin assembly and delivery of the bins in-house, we can also cut costs that would otherwise have come with purchase of this service from an external contractor.

When we deliver the new bins, we give the residents of Kramfors the opportunity to reuse their old bins for something other than waste, which provides both an environmental as well as a financial benefit to the project.

Quite simply, sustainable!