Collection of food waste

In 2024, everyone living in Kramfors Municipality will start sorting their food waste for separate collection and treatment. This sorting process will involve you having a new bin delivered, in which you will dispose of food and residual waste, separated from each other.

When we actually deliver the bin, and when we start emptying the new bin at your home, will depend on where and how you live. You can read more about this under the “Timetable” page.

If you live in an apartment building or share a bin with other customers, you will keep your current bin, but will see brown bins appearing at the same place; these are intended for food waste.

Video on how the emptying is done

Lycksele municipality has the same type of bins as we have, they have produced a good film that shows how the emptying is done.

Watch a film from Lycksele municipality about how the bins are emptied External link.


Please contact Kom in customer service,, 0612-80 000.

What food waste should be thrown in the brown paper bag?

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Why we should collect food waste

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Timetable & distribution

When should you change to a new bin?

Food waste collection Kramfors municipality

Watch a film about what it means