Timetable and distribution of the bins

Calendar week 2, 2024

We will start distributing the new dual compartment bins for customers in one- and two-family houses. This work will continue until June 2024. You can see where we’re delivering right now on the home page.

1 March 2024

First emptying of the new dual compartment bins. If you receive your new bin after this date, you will have your old bin emptied one last time and then switch to using the new bin.

1 May 2024

Start of the period for this year’s holiday home collections. If you have a subscription for this, but have NOT had your new bin delivered, we would ask you to bear with us. Your bin will be arriving shortly and you can use your old bin until the new one has been delivered. If you have a holiday home in a joint property unit, brown bins will be provided for food waste.

Autumn 2024

Apartment buildings and businesses will receive their bins and join in with food waste collection.