Your new bin

The new waste bin, which will be delivered to all one- and two-family houses that currently have 130, 190 or 370 litre bins, is what is known as a dual compartment bin. The bin has one compartment for sorted food waste and one for other residual waste, i.e. what is left after you have sorted out packaging items and food waste.

If you share a bin with someone else

If you share a container with someone else, it is the person who is responsible for the subscription who will have the new two-compartment container delivered. If you currently leave garbage at a common collection point, your 660 liter container will be supplemented with a brown bin for food waste.

Size of the bin

The new bin has a volume of 240 litres, divided into 96 litres for food waste and 144 litres for residual waste (40/60).
Your old waste bin has a volume of 190 litres, unless you applied for a different size.

Comparison of bin sizes

Old bin: width 58, depth 71, height 108
Dual compartment bin: width 58, depth 73, height 108

Drying and freezing shelf

The compartment for food waste contains a small, fold-out shelf, which we call a “drying and freezing shelf”. It’s a good idea to use this in both summer and winter, by placing your sealed food waste bag there for a few days. When you next come out with waste, place the old bag at the bottom of the bin and the new bag on the shelf. The advantage of this method is that the waste in the bag freezes together in winter, so you avoid having a frozen lump at the bottom of the bin. In the summer, it has the advantage of keeping the waste properly ventilated.

Starter kit

With your new dual compartment bin, we’ll also be delivering a starter kit for food waste inside the bin. When you’ve received your new bin, take out the starter kit and close the bin again until it’s time to start using it. Each bin contains one starter kit, which means that if you share a bin with others, you’ll have to pick up another starter kit at one of our recycling centres or at “Kom In” customer service. You can also pick up food waste bags in grocery stores all around the municipality.

Grön plasthållare med en brun papperspåse som används för matavfallsinsamling

Bag holder

You place the food waste bag in the bag holder. The bag holder ensures that the bag is aired and does not fall apart. If you place the food waste bag in a bucket or some other form of sealed container or bag, the moisture will be retained and cause the bag to fall apart.

Food waste bags

The starter kit contains a bundle of 80 paper bags. It is estimated that these will last six months for a typical household.

Illustration av en svart plastlåda med röda lock, ska användas till insamling av elektronik

Electronics box

Together with the dual compartment bin, a box intended for electronic waste will also be supplied. Batteries, light bulbs and small electronic items and cables should be placed in this box, which is then hung on the waste bin when it needs to be emptied.

How to arrange collection of electronic items

The electronics box is not collected on scheduled rounds, but is emptied as required. You signal that it needs to be emptied by hanging the box on your waste bin. Be careful not to hang out the box until at least one of the compartments is at least half-full.