Of course you want to move to Kramfors

Imagine living by the sea, near forest or by the river's sparkling water. In Kramfors we do that. We have a unique nature, many smaller towns and good communications that together create a wholeness. There are good career opportunities, creative entrepreneurship and attractive accommodation.

A move to a new city, municipality or even a new country means new opportunities but also major changes. We are at hand for you who want to move to Kramfors or who are interested in what our municipality has to offer.

Here you can read about accommodation in i Kramfors (Swedish page)

Here you can read about vacant plots in Kramfors (Swedish page)

Here you can read about vacancies at Kramfors municipality (Swedish page)

Ambassadörer Kramfors kommun

Do you want to get to know a local?

In Kramfors, there are a large number of proud ambassadors that you can get in touch with to ask your specific questions and thoughts about what it is like to live and work in Kramfors. The ambassador network has been formed by people who are proud of and want to tell about all the benefits and strengths of Kramfors municipality.

Here you can read about Kramfors' ambassadors (Swedish page)

Flytta till Kramfors

Sports, leisure and community

Here is a wonderful mix of everything. Art, hunting, sports, music, sport fishing, skiing and kayaking. There are over 300 associations in the municipality. Together, we make a great effort to enable the inhabitants of the municipality to engage in the creative activities they are interested in.

The associations' activities are important to society and there is great variety in the activities that are offered. As part of the beautiful High Coast, the proximity to forests and lakes and a number of sports facilities, you have good conditions for exercise, swimming and a varied outdoor life. Kramfors municipality offers many opportunities for active leisure for both young and old.

Here you can read about association life in Kramfors (Swedish page)

Here you can read about places to visit and activities in Kramfors (Swedish page)


Welcome to us

In our online guide to moving Länk till annan webbplats. you will find answers to many of the questions.

You can find it under related links on this page. Feel free to contact us via the moving-in guide or via our customer service.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Link to Swedish page "Flytta till Kramfors"

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