New to Sweden

A warm welcome to Sweden and Kramfors municipality! No matter how and why you have come here, we are very pleased to welcome you as citizens and fellow human beings.
Kramfors Municipality offers access to small town activities and services with a vibrant urban feel and beautiful countryside. Here in Kramfors, you can choose to live in the city or in the country. The municipality enjoys a perfect location by the coast and has forests, mountains, lakes and the sea. Around 18,000 people call Kramfors home, and now that includes you.

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Coming to a new country not only means a new language and a new culture. It is also about integrating into society.

So we work together with the Swedish Public Employment Service, the county council, the Swedish Migration Agency and other authorities.

What do we do?

Kramfors municipality strives to give all new arrivals the same opportunities to establish themselves in their new home, to learn Swedish, to be able to provide for themselves and to make use of the municipality’s services and activities.

Our main duties with regard to immigration from another country involve:

  • giving practical advice on settling in to your new home
  • running schools, preschool facilities, childcare and other initiatives for children and young people
  • providing Swedish lessons for adults and other adult education
  • providing civic orientation
  • providing initiatives on social issues
  • ensuring that new arrivals benefit from other municipal activities and services

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