Violence and threats in close relationships

Violence in close relationships is a crime, a serious social problem, a public health problem and a gender equality problem. It affects everyone involved, the victim, children and also the perpetrator — but help is available. One of the jobs of the social services in Kramfors Municipality is to provide support for people who have been subjected to violence in close relationships.

  • Are you a victim?
  • Do you feel frightened or threatened?
  • Do you feel isolated or that someone is controlling you?
  • Have you been physically abused?
  • Have you been forced to have sex?

If you feel afraid, threatened and/or have been physically abused by someone close to you, there is support and help available. Contact the clinic and social workers for more information about the help that is available to you. There are a number of different interventions available, from support calls, safety planning to sheltered housing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are many different places that you can call.

Contact the clinic and social workers at the Social Services for more information about the help that is available to you. 0612-800 00 if it is URGENT call the police at 112 or 11414

Other important websites where you can get help:

HBTQ jouren (Support for LGBTQ people exposed to violence) External link.

Barnahus in Västernorrland (centre for child victims) External link.

Crime in close relationships | Swedish Police Authority External link.

Kvinnofridslinjen (national helpline for women) External link.

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