Work and Education

When you are new to Sweden and the municipality, you should visit
Kramfors service office External link., where you can get help obtaining a personal identity number and registering in the population register. Once you have received your personal identity number, you can register with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan). At the service office, you can get information and help filling in forms for parental leave, care of a sick child (vård av barn or VAB), sickness benefit, housing benefit, tax declarations, reporting a change of address, registration of marriage, consideration of impediments to marriage, childbirth, etc.
You should not come to the office if you or your child are ill. In this case, you apply for sickness benefit and care of a sick child (VAB) using the online service or in person once you are well. Child benefit is paid automatically the month after you are registered in the population register and receive your personal identity number.


As an adult, you have the right to study Swedish for Immigrants, (SFI), if you are registered in Kramfors municipality. Read more about SFI on the adult education page.

For children and young people, you can find information about preschool, primary school and upper secondary school here.

If you would prefer to apply online, you can go to Kramfors Municipality’s self-service External link.

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